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Interested in Honours Biology but want more opportunities for research and lab experience? Then this program is perfect for you! Honours Biology - Discovery provides similar flexibility for electives and exploration of the many fields of Biology, yet you are required to complete a thesis and take 9 units of field or lab intensive courses, gaining practical knowledge and training.


Future Pathways

Graduate Studies



Professional School (Medical, Law, Dental, etc.)





Notable Professors

Turlough Finan – functional investigations into nitrogen-fixing symbiotic bacteria


Jianping (JP) Xu – microbial mutations in natural environments and human populations


Patricia Chow-Fraser – human impacts on the ecological health of wetland and tributaries of Great Lakes


Ben Evans – evolutions of vertebrates from biogeographical and molecular perspectives


Brian Golding – molecular phylogenetics, population genetics, and bioinformatics

Examples of

Upper Year Courses

BIOLOGY 2A03 - Integrative Physiology of          Animals

BIOLOGY 2C03 – Genetics

BIOLOGY 2EE3 - Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology

BIOLOGY 2F03 - Fundamental and Applied Ecology​

BIOLOGY 2L03 - Experimental Design in Biology

BIOLOGY 3VV3 - Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology

CHEM 2OA3 - Organic Chemistry I

STATS 2B03 - Statistical Methods for Science


Enrolment in this program is limited and possession of the published minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Selection is based on academic achievement but requires, as a minimum, completion of any Level I program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including:


6 units from the following with an average of at least 6.0 (between the courses) is required:

BIOLOGY 1A03 - Cellular and Molecular Biology

BIOLOGY 1M03 - Biodiversity, Evolution and Humanity


6 units from the following:

CHEM 1A03 - Introductory Chemistry I

CHEM 1AA3 - Introductory Chemistry II


3 units from the following:

MATH 1A03 - Calculus For Science I 

MATH 1LS3 - Calculus for the Life Sciences I


3 units from the following:

PHYSICS 1A03 - Introductory Physics

PHYSICS 1C03 - Physics for the Chemical and Physical Sciences


6 units from the Science I Course List



For more information, please visit the Academic Calendar below:

Honours Biology

Discovery Sub-Plan

(B. Sc)

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